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Smoking Equals Wrinkles- What Conventional Cigarettes Do to your Skin

Cigarette smokers are a funny lot because they continue with their dangerous habit even after being repeatedly warned of the undesirable consequences. Interestingly, cigarette smokers are even thought to be suicidal because they carry on with the habit even with the knowledge of its fatal effects. Well, apart from the many effects on the internal organs of the body like the liver, heart, and lungs, scientists now believe that smoking equals wrinkles because of its effects on the skin.

A top contributor to an accelerated process of skin aging is none other than using conventional tobacco products. Some of its effects include wrinkles, coarse and dry skin, and lines that are conspicuously visible. There is a chemical known as collagen that helps in the firming of the skin. Smoking conventional cigarettes stimulates the body to produce an enzyme that disintegrates collagen, resulting in wrinkles. It is that chemical process that causes the wrinkles on a 40-year-old smoker to be equal in number to those of a 60-year-old who does not smoke.

Skin discoloration is another common consequence of smoking conventional cigarettes. You will notice an orange or grayish looking skin on a smoker, which results from reduced blood flow to the organ. Cigarettes fill the blood with carbon monoxide, and this causes the displacement of oxygen. Consequently, there aren’t enough oxygen molecules in the blood to effect the repair processes that are required to give skin the beautiful and youthful looks needed. Another effect of smoking is the narrowing of blood vessels, which also contributes to the low levels of oxygen that make their way to the skin. Additionally, there is a depletion of essential nutrients like vitamin C due to smoking, which are known to play critical roles in skin repair. With such effects, there is nothing to stop your skin from looking old and discolored.
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The heat from the match or cigarette stick causes direct burns on your skin. As a consequence, you may get spot or burn marks that compromise your good looks. Note that you also get to suffer from a number of skin conditions because the broken skin that results from the burns is used by disease-causing microorganisms to make way into your body. The use of conventional cigarettes also slows healing, meaning that your blemishes, spots, and marks will appear on your face for unnecessarily long periods.
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The unwanted effects of smoking conventional cigarettes are endless, and that is why you need to consider quitting the habit. One of the most effective ways to do so is by using electronic cigarettes because you will continue providing your body with nicotine but in a way that does present other dangers. An electronic cigarette user is not at risk of skin diseases and complications that a conventional cigarette smoker exposes himself to with every puff.